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CDEA cosmetic raw material for sale excellent quality Cocamide DEA Cleaning Mate
This product is produced by Sino-Japanese joint venture Guangzhou Riyou Technical Co.,Ltd, using innovative patented technology! The raw material source is pure natural food grade vegetable oil and diethanolamine. Do not add other high carbon oil
Lipid or glycerin, good stability. It has the ability of stable foaming, foaming, thickening, emulsifying, decontaminating, antistatic, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Can be widely used for liquid washing
In the products of detergent, daily care series and metal cleaning agent, it can be used together with other surfactants to have good synergistic effect and disperse dirt particles.
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Product details
KaoKing & CDEA 85%
Chemical Name: Cocamide DEA, Coconut Oil Diethanolamide
CAS NO.: 68603-42-9
Molecular formula: C13H13Cl8NO4
Molecular weight: 530.887062
Quality Index:
Appearance: Light yellow orange clear liquid
Amide content: ≥80%
Free amine content: ≤6.55%
Moisture: ≤0.5%
Refractive index: 1.4697-1.4816
PH value 9.0-11.0
Free amine value: ≤35
Product category: Emulsifier, stabilizer
Product Features:
1. The product has the properties of wetting, washing, emulsifying and softening, and has good foam stabilizing effect on anionic surfactant. Is a liquid detergent, liquid soap,
An indispensable raw material for various cosmetics such as shampoos, cleaning agents and facial cleansers. When used with soap, it is resistant to hard water.
2, can also be used as an emulsion stabilizer for cream products, high stability grade at low temperature, good fluidity, active content ≥ 85%, no jelly formed at low temperatures.
3, in the textile printing and dyeing industry, as a fabric detergent, and other detergent ingredients and thickeners. It is one of the components of synthetic fiber spinning oil such as polypropylene.
4, Alkanolamide, can be used to prepare metal anti-rust detergent and paint stripper.
5. This product has a good thickening effect on liquid products with anionic surfactant as the main raw material.
6, this product has a certain anti-static conditioning effect, the skin is less irritating.
7. As an emulsifier for oily raw materials, it is widely used in various cosmetic and surfactant products.
8. It has good foaming and foam stability, and is widely used as a foam improver in detergents in foam stabilization.
Product packaging: 200KG / barrel

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