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Sodium Pyrrolidone Carboxylate
It is a natural moisturizer. It is well known as an integral part of the rich NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). It is a natural NMF ingredient in the skin that provides a comfortable moisturizing feeling to the skin and hair. Its excellent moisturizing effect and safety to skin and eye mucosa are especially suitable for moisturizers in makeup and toilet products. In human skin, moisturizers help keep skin and hair fresh.

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Product details
INCI: Sodium Pyrrolidone Carboxylate
CAS No.:28874-51-3
EINECS NO.: 249-277-1
Melting point: 125 ° C
Flash point: 227.8 ° C
Product Category: natural moisturizer

Product Features:
Natural moisturizer, which has excellent hygroscopicity, gives skin and hair a sense of comfort and moisturizing, increases skin softness and elasticity, and delays skin aging.
Safe to use and highly ecologically compatible, Ajidew NL-50 does not stick when in contact and has a good skin feel.
High purity, easy to use and good stability
It has excellent moisturizing effect in cosmetics and detergent products - excellent moisturizing ability, superior moisturizing property, and particularly smooth hand feeling, which can quickly penetrate into skin tissue, giving skin a luster and refreshing moist effect.
The skin penetrates quickly and gives the skin a moisturizing sensation.
Colorless, transparent and odorless liquid, which acts as a natural moisturizing factor in the skin, has good moisturizing properties, has good moisturizing properties on skin and hair, can impart good softness and elasticity to skin and hair, and has high safety and no irritation. Neutral, safe for low temperatures or high temperatures.
Because AJIDEWNL-50 has excellent moisturizing effect and safety against skin and eye mucosa, this product is especially useful as a moisturizer, cosmetics and toiletries. It can also be used in industrial applications as well as synthetic intermediates in various composites.
Product packaging: 25KG / barrel

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