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Polyethylene glycol Highly Effective Moisturizing Skin I
High moisturizing product, it has a softening effect on cosmetics, smooth skin feel, and can be miscible with oil phase or water phase at any ratio. It does not produce foam when using S-753 (conventional solubilizer products will produce foam) and has high safety. Low irritant characteristics, used as product additives, skin conditioners and product system stabilizers, will make the product rise to a higher level.
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Product details
Name: PEGPPG polybutylene glycol-853 glycerin polyethylene glycol-8, ethylene glycol polyoxyethylene ether, polypropylene glycol, polybutylene glycol-8/5/3, polyethylene oxide PEG/PPG/Polybutylene Glycol (and) 8/5/3 Glycer
Product Category: Humectant
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Product Application: As a product additive, skin conditioner and product system stabilizer, the product will rise to a higher level.
Product Features:
1. Low melting point -20 ° C - S-753 maintains good stability at low temperatures
2. High moisturizing and skin-friendly, it works better with glycerin. It is good to touch (not sticky)
3. High safety and high quality - no stimulation and high quality (almost colorless and odorless), (almost colorless and odorless) mainly made by NOF's unique purification process
4. Amphoteric substances (solubility) - S-753 can be dissolved in water in polar oils such as triglycerides, oils and waters.
Packing: 18KG / barrel
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