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This autumn and winter, you need a color 8 second hair mask
Date:2019-11-14 Views:

Autumn and winter season is coming

Did you find that sometimes the color is really cured?

It feels different in an instant.


The difference between the liquid film and its shape is watery

How do you understand?


Solid hair mask may need to be applied at a dose of 2g to reach

Would you choose a liquid hair mask or a cream hair mask?

The age of liquid hair mask is coming


Kaoking brings surprisesrelease

Capable of capturing the colors of a large number of girls







Do you know what is an 8-second hair mask?


The 8-second hair mask is a liquid hair mask that,when exposed to water, turns into a cream.Just squeeze the liquid onto the hair and wait for 8 seconds to clean it before finishing the hair care.


Deeply repair damaged hair,smooth hair scale damage, repair hair, bifurcation, inelastic hair;  It locks the hair color after dyeing, and the hair is long-lasting, smooth and shiny.



When using the 8 second hair mask, there will be a fever and a hot steaming effect.

It helps the nutrition to be absorbed better, and the hot steaming effect is the same as the heat treatment after we do nutrition in the hairdresser.


The ratio of water to water is 1:5, the high content of 8 seconds hair film, one bottle of liquid hair film is stronger than the 5 bottle cream film. You are not heart-warming?


Packed in a spray bottle, you can easily solve the problem of hair care by spraying it on your hair every time. Spraying can make the nutrition evenly attached to the hair.




Kaoking's 8-second hair mask has a feature that you have found


Can satisfy the amount of hair care used once



Provide free formula samples