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SPD-100 High-end Care Conditioner Series
Date:2019-05-27 Views:
Physical and chemical indicators PH (25 ° C, 10% aqueous solution) 4.5-7.5
Active content close to 100%
SPD 100 is an excellent emulsifier and softener. It can form a bright and soft protective film on the surface of hair when it is in slightly acidic system. It can effectively improve the dry and wet combability of hair, especially suitable for silicone-free toiletries.
Main advantages: 1. Improve hair wet comb and dry comb performance; 2. Give hair a good gloss look; 3. Effective control of hair volume; 4. Reduce hair flying up;5. Thicken formula to achieve a stable and rich cream texture.
Productcharacteristics: 1.Good compatibility with anionic surfactants;2.Easy to biodegrade Excellent antistatic ability; 3. Effectively compatible with other quaternary ammonium surfactants
Main Application:
Hair conditioner and hair mask
After neutralization with an acid such as lactic acid, citric acid or glutamic acid, SPD 100 can be used as an excellent conditioning agent in hair care products. It can easily produce a high-viscosity hair care formula system with superior high temperature and low temperature stability. It can provide a smoother feel to the formula on the dry hair, improve the sensory effect and make the hair more Easy to comb.
SPD 100 has excellent compatibility with anionic surfactants and is effective in increasing the viscosity of the system. In terms of conditioning, SPD 100 also improves hair wet comb performance and conditioning.
Hair dyed products
SPD 100 is used as an emulsifier or thickener in hair dye products.
It can be added to the formulation at 80 ° C or dissolved in an aqueous solution of citric acid. In the shampoo, it can be dissolved in a formulation with a surface agent such as 6501 and added to the formulation. It is recommended that the pH value in the formulation be slightly acidic (between 5 and 6). Recommended dosage: 0.2-2%. It is recommended that the user do the test of the formula usage and the compatibility test of the formula. To ensure product quality, please verify before use.
Packing specification: 25KG/bag
This product is not used, please pay attention to sealed storage, store in a cool and dry environment at room temperature; shelf life: 24 months